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     Without fail, our cleaner provides superb service.
Nicole P.20/06/2024
     Great prices!
     Over the last 24-36 months, we have been lucky to have had two efficient and trustworthy cleaning professionals from New Barnet Cleaners as part of our team.
M. Dunlop22/05/2024
     I couldn't believe how pristine everything looked once the cleaning was completed.
Elizabeth Granger 29/04/2024
     Choosing this cleaning company was one of the best decisions I've made. The cleaner never fails to be prompt, friendly, and thorough.
Anna Peterson16/04/2024
     Every surface was left immaculate and looking like new after their meticulous clean.
Annie Hammond30/03/2024
     I cannot thank New Barnet CarpetCleaning enough for their outstanding deep cleaning skills. My house has never been cleaner or more organized, even after dealing with chaos from my bathroom remodel.
Janet Dignan20/03/2024
     Your outstanding cleaning services are more than what I expected and without a doubt, I'm sure to use your company well into the future.
Renee Lack20/11/2023
     Remarkable personnel! Heard out our wishes and concluded the job with approval.
Pieter G.03/11/2023
     This is my go-to cleaning service. They have been cleaning my flat for almost two years, and they always do a fantastic job. Their cleaners are professional and get the job done quickly. I would most definitely recommend. Cheers!
Katie Wilkes21/05/2020
     I appreciate people that take the time to treat my furniture or rather my property with respect, and they did just that. The New Barnet Cleaning Company cleaners were very polite and respectful as they came to my house. Very professionally.
      New Barnet Carpet Cleaning cleans my office block and 2 apartments. Great value cleaning services!
Dean R.25/04/2017
     I've just relocated to new office space, much larger than my old premises and the place needed a really thorough clean before hand. My business partner said she'd used NewBarnetCarpetCleaners before on several occasions, so when I gave them a call, not only was I pleasantly surprised to hear they could get the job done on my preferred date, but I was wowed by their affordable prices. All I had to do was fax over a copy of the floor plans and they sent enough cleaners for the job. My new office looks spotless and I've decided to use them on a regular basis!
Geoff W.15/01/2015
     In many ways, having a cleaning company round each week is a massive relief. I find that having the team from NewBarnetCarpetCleaners here on Wednesdays reduced the hassle with which I have to deal with, and ensures that I am totally free to do what I want to on certain nights when I would otherwise be cleaning. I am absolutely positive that there is no one out there who could do a better job than this lot, and certainly not for the amazing price that they have been charging me! I would recommend them to anyone who needed the same kind of service.
Jimmy Kelly31/07/2014
     On the whole, I can't remember being this pleased with the cleanliness of the house in a long time. Maybe since we first moved in. Ever since we started enjoying the services of NewBarnetCarpetCleaners, the whole home has just gotten so much cleaner and the place is just so much more pleasant. If you're anything like me, then you'll be put off by cleaning in all its forms. That's why it's definitely best to leave these kinds of things to the experts and I think, of the experts, there is one company who stands head and shoulders above the rest.
Jerry Russell04/06/2014
     You always know when you have got a good cleaning company, as they just keep on giving you the best service! I figured that the quality in cleaning would drop as time went on, but here we are a few months after we started working together and NewBarnetCarpetCleaners are still working their backs off to give me the best cleaning that money can buy! That said, the money is not really an issue here either, they are pretty damn cheap if you ask me! I would recommend this lot to anyone who would listen!
Deborah Wood14/05/2014
     I don't think there's anything worse than coming home to a messy and dirty house after a really long day at work, and this was happening to me so often that I knew I had to do something about it! I spent a lot of time looking into professional cleaning companies, but eventually decided on NewBarnetCarpetCleaners following the recommendations of a close friend. I'm really glad this is the company I chose because they're nothing short of amazing! I don't know how the staff manage to get my house looking that great, but they do - every single time! Thanks so much!